Nassau Roofing

You need to take the proper precautions before pursuing a roof replacement for your Nassau, NY home. While your slate roofing may look like it has seen better days, you may not need a full replacement to keep your home safe from rain and snow. The first step in the process is contacting your original contractor to determine whether his services are still covered by warranty.

Follow the Right Steps Toward Roof Replacement

If your original contractor is unavailable to service slate roofing, you can contact Roof Services to determine whether roof replacement is necessary. Our consultants use roof age, materials used and roofing design to determine whether repairs will be sufficient instead of replacement. You may be able to avoid a replacement if individual tiles can be inserted under manufacturer warranties.

You can work with contractors at Roof Services if you have exhausted alternatives to complete overhauls. We encourage Nassau, NY homeowners to seek appraisals from other contractors as a matter of due diligence. These appraisals should cover parts and labor over a reasonable working period to help you make the best decision possible.

You should also expect your contractor to be experienced in roof replacement and protected by liability insurance. We are a qualified installer of Siplast, Tamko and Topcoat roofing materials for repairs and replacements. We also carry general liability and employee liability coverage for each of our contractors to protect you from financial harm.

Roof Services has been recognized for quality work by industry groups and Nassau, NY homeowners since opening in 1985. We have a full list of customer testimonials on our website that highlight our commitment to thorough and affordable roofing services.