Nassau Green Roofing

Your knowledge of a roof’s condition is enhanced instantly when you seek out roof consulting services. We offer consulting services to Nassau, NY homeowners with traditional and green roofs in need of repair. These services are useful if you are looking at repairs and replacements that can cost thousands of dollars.

While you may know state laws covering your property taxes, you likely struggle with New York’s thicket of building codes. Our consultants know state building codes dictating minimal standards for insulation, materials and drainage. This knowledge can protect your family from legal and financial troubles associated with building code violations.

Use Roof Consulting Services to Lengthen Your Roof’s Life

Our contractors will also look at repairs needed for your Nassau, NY roof during these consultations. While older homes may need new roofs, you may be able to replace tiles and improve seals at lower prices if your roof is less than 10 years old. You should expect accurate assessments as well as a full menu of solutions when working with building consultants.

The latest trend in consulting is promoting green roofing that decreases energy bills and helps rather than harms the environment. We can install planters with grasses, native plants and other vegetation to absorb sunlight before it hits the top layer of your roof. You may find that green roofing in your Nassau, NY home is the best way to reduce your home's energy bill while showing your efforts to keep the Earth green.

You can contact our office for free estimates by checking out the Roof Services website. Our contractors are authorized by manufacturers like GAF and Topcoat to perform warranty work in addition to our consulting services.