Long Island Roofing

The sturdy construction of a commercial building roof may be taken for granted until you begin to see the signs of wear and tear. Your company’s daily operations can be disrupted if you fail to get repairs completed in a timely manner. At Roof Services, we walk through problems and solutions for damaged aluminum roofing without speaking in industry jargon.

Diagnosing Commercial Building Roof Problems

The easiest way to tell whether your aluminum roof needs repairs is poor drainage. You can listen to the sound of water pouring through your gutters to determine whether there is debris collecting on your roof. While rainwater may seem innocuous at first, commercial roofing can begin to wear down if water collects for months at a time.

Our contractors will look at the contents of your building's gutters and drains during preliminary consultations. Most commercial roofing begins to deterioriate after years of outside exposure with each tile’s coating flaking off into your gutters. We can determine whether this deterioriation requires short-term repairs or a complete replacement for your commercial building.

You should also look in your Long Island building's attic space to determine whether you have water damage. Your aluminium roofing may have been installed poorly, with small gaps between your building and the shingles. These gaps are widened after years of water, wind and debris collecting under the shingles. The moisture collecting in your attic may only be prevented with a full roofing replacement.

Your business can work with Roof Services to determine the best repairs for your roof. We send out contractors to Suffolk, Long Island and Nassau businesses that want preliminary consultations.