Long Island Roofer

Your Long Island, NY home is likely to need roofing repairs in the near future. Whether these repairs are necessary due to natural causes or neglect, you can avoid expensive repair bills in the future through preventive maintenance. The damage caused by heavy rain is exacerbated if you failed to clean out your gutters and check your roof tiles.

We offer a number of resources at Roof Services to keep your Long Island, NY home ready for winter and summer storms. You can develop a regular maintenance schedule with one of our roofers to protect your home from leaks and energy inefficiency. In these routine checks we can also clean out gutters and look for excessive wear on tiles.

Avoid Costly Roofing Repairs

Another option available through our company is a consulting session that can help you make preemptive repairs on your home. These consulting appointments allow you to work with a contractor who will assess repair options appropriate for your home. You can avoid costly one-size-fits-all solutions to your roofing problems with the help of one of our consultants.

Many homeowners in Long Island, NY overlook manufacturer and contractor warranties in effect on their builders. The original roofer who worked on your home may not be obligated to provide repair services if he has gone out of business or retired. Roof Services can fulfill manufacturer warranties on roofing products from GenFlex, GAF and other companies to reduce your financial burden.

We have been providing residential and commercial consultations at Roof Services since 1985. You can get a free estimate today by contacting one of our consultants through the Roof Services website.