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City: Centereach, NY
Name: K.M.
I had a problem with ice dams so I called Roof Services and they came to try and rectify the problem. Because the problem was so complicated, they were unable to fix the ice dams completely, but they continued to come back and try to make the situation better. I was pleased with their customer service and felt John was very attentive by giving me his cell number in case I had any further problems. We have used them again this year and we're hoping the ice dams don't give us any problems. The people at Roof Services are very professional and give fair prices, I would recommend them for your roofing needs.

City: Huntington
Name: Rich B.
After we had a number of leaks in the previous roof on our home due to a faulty installation I hired Roof Services to install a new one. It was a bit of a difficult installation due to the pitch but they did the job right and we've had no leaks in the roof for several years. That's not to say that we've had no issues. One was that we were getting some moisture on a chimney inside our garage. John Jr. responded immediately and after some testing using special cups of water attached to the chimney we determined it was due to the porosity of the bricks. John Jr. suggested some fixes and the problem was solved. Recently I noticed some water dripping from behind a new gutter we had installed by another contractor last year. I called John Jr. and again he responded immediately. It turns out the problem was with the installation of the gutter. John suggested a reasonable fix using a special caulking. Not only did he suggest a fix but he showed up today and did the job without charging us. I'm impressed and very grateful. Thanks John Jr. and Roof Services! Rich B.

City: Old Bethpage
Name: Adam C.
I had used Roof Services for repair work over the years and was always happy with their service. After Sandy I needed much more than that...John jr. and Robert came to my home immediately after the storm and tarped my home to prevent additional interior damage. They came baack within 2 weeks and I had a new roof. Professonal, courteous,knowledgable..
I hosted Thanksgiving as if nothing ever happened!
Simply put...nobody does it better!
Many thanks...

Name: Joe
Roof Services was recommended to me and without question they went the extra step to satisfy the customer.

At our initial meeting, John Jr. inspected my roof. We discussed the Sandy related damage and compared it with my insurance company’s settlement offer. John was not convinced that the offer was adequate and he volunteered to meet with the adjuster. A few days later I received notice of a substantial increase in the amount offered to settle the claim.

Roof Services performed the job as promised. Based on my experience, I would be happy to recommend Roof Services.

City: St. James, NY
Name: Mr. Bishop
Recently I noticed my existing gutters were bent up and needed replacement. I decided to look into getting something more decorative then a simple white seamless gutter and looked into copper half round gutters. I was referred by a friend to Roof Services. I gave them a call and set up an appointment for them to come take a look at it. Before they came, I did some research on my own and had it in my mind that I wanted 6” half round copper gutters.

The guys at roof services constructed a full scale mockup of a 6” Half Round Gutter and downspout. They brought it to my house and we put it up against the eave to get a sense for how it would look, and it was clear to everyone that the 6” Half round was to big and didn’t look right. There was Concern with the capacity of a 5” Half Round gutters being able to handle the rain flow of some of the larger roof areas, the guys at Roof Services solved the problem by adding extra downspouts.

I decided on the 5” Half Rounds and they look fantastic, if not for the effort put into helping me make my decision I would have wound up with gutters that would have looked awkward on my house. I would never hesitate to Use Roof services again and would definitely recommend them to anyone with roofing issues.

City: Woodmere, NY
Name: E. Blavatnik
Roof Services installed our roof in 2000. They certainly proved to be a very responsible company, professional and reliable. We needed some advice and John Jr. came to our house and gave us a full evaluation. We were more than pleased. We would recommend them...

City: Hewlett
Name: Debbi A
Roof Services was referred to me by someone deeply rooted in the roofing/building materials industries for their quality service that they provide to their customers, everyday. This spoke volumes to me and my source proved to be 100% correct. Our roof was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. It was an eyesore. After the work on our roof was completed, neighbors even walking their dogs whom I did not even know mentioned how much our roof looked improved! Other neighbors were repeatedly astounded that Roof Services did so much work, so quickly, on our large roof. Other quotes that we received prior to starting the job were for 1-2 more days to complete the exact same project. Another neighbor mentioned that he is still constantly cleaning up debris from when his neighbor’s roof was redone almost two years ago. Not us! No debris at all was left behind from the extremely hard-working crew nor would they let me help them clean up. They said that, “…that was their job. Period. “ The foreman and the crew showed up punctually, or even earlier than they needed to. The on-site foreman, Andrew, was always accessible to us; he showed concern for our welfare, and readily answered any questions that we had or addressed any issues that we wanted to see attended to impeccably and expeditiously. I would rehire Andrew and that entire crew in a millisecond! John, Jr., our Roof Services representative, spoke with our insurance company when they did not fully grasp what our specific needs were, and this proved to be exceedingly helpful to our case. Furthermore, John, Jr. is a true mensch. He is calm and patient and does not try to oversell you things that you do not really need. This project was very important to me and I wanted to do it right, the first time. I am so glad that we chose Roof Services and I have continued to recommend them to my neighbors, friends, colleagues, and even my own office used them to repatch a few things after the storm. I highly recommend them with complete confidence based on how I myself was treated and the outcome of our own roof, which gives me great pride each time that I pull up to our driveway numerous times each day.

City: Montauk, New York
Name: J. Philip Perna
Montauk School lost the roof over part of the building during Hurricane Sandy. I called Roof Services Tuesday morning @ 7:30 AM and owner Doug Plotke answered. It is 3 days later, we are watertight, and almost ready to go! I am very impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their work. Thank you!

City: New York
Name: Warren Coleman
Thanks again for the great service & quick turn around. We’re very happy to have the new roof before all the spring rain. You’re welcome to add us to your reference list.

City: Oklahoma City
Name: Franco Manuel
Great blog! This blog post are really great when it comes on roofing issues.


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