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Residential Roofing & Siding

Do you have an old roof?

• Curling Shingles?
• Granules in the Gutter?
• A Persistent Leak?

It may be time to make the investment in your home and replace your worn out roof before you incur internal damage that will cost you a lot more money.

Roof Services has been in business for over 20 years installing residential roofing and siding for thousands of satisfied customers from Montauk to the 5 boroughs of New York City. We’re authorized installers for every major roofing manufacturer, and we know the strengths and weaknesses of each roofing system so we can help you choose the best roof for your home and your budget.

We specialize in:

• Asphalt Shingles
• Slate & Tile
• Metal Roof Systems
• Gutters & Leaders
• Aluminum Siding

We understand that installing a new roof is a major investment that can last 20-30 years, or even a lifetime. Our experienced estimators will determine the best materials at the best price to reduce your cost of ownership and your roof can achieve the greatest life expectancy.

Our Residential Roofing & Siding Division is a dedicated team of professionals that are trained in every aspect of installation for your new roof or siding. From materials to safety, you’re guaranteed the best service and support.

We also provide you with tips on how to maintain your roofing and siding investment for greater life expectancy.

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation. Our roofing professional can inspect and assess your current roof and will then sit down and discuss the various options we can offer you.



Roof Services stands behind all Manufacturers’ Warranties and our own. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and we plan on being in business for the life of your roof or siding. See more about warranties on our FAQ’s page or call us today!


Smaller roofing companies can beat us on price. Why? They cut corners when it comes to the insurance they carry. We carry the full amount of General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Employee Liability coverage so we keep you covered in the unlikely event that an accident does occur. Learn more about what insurance coverage your roofing contractor should have on our FAQ’s page.

What Work Is Involved in Roof Installation? The Roof Services Difference!

There’s more to installing your roof than you may realize. We first remove the old roof material. Then we make any necessary repairs to the underlying structure. Finally, we can begin to install your new roof. The wide open areas of your roof are the easy part and only require 30% of the total time involved. The rest is paying attention to detail. Detail work around the edges of your roof, objects, flashing, etc., require quality workmanship to avoid leaks later on. 95% of all leaks occur near walls, penetrations, or transitions and this is where you want the best detailed work possible—that is the Roof Service commitment.

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