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Flat Roofing

White Roofs

White is not always a good color for a roof.

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Roof Protection

Most flat roofs are designed to maintain the building’s watertight integrity and nothing more. 
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Ponding Water on Flat Roofs

While some puddles on a NY roof are to be expected, deep long lasting puddles can pose damage and accelerated aging to the roof membrane. Read the rest of entry »

How to Install Fleece Back Roofing Membrane

Fleece back roofing membrane offers the advantage of utilizing a two-part urethane membrane adhesive rather than traditional, solvent based adhesive. Read the rest of entry »

Decline in Asphalt Flat Roof Installations

Today’s roof asphalt does not have the crude oil content it once had. This reduced oil content causes the installed asphalt to harden and become less pliable. The old higher oil content asphalt provided longer water proofing protection simply because it took longer for the greater amount of crude oil in the asphalt to evaporate out of the asphalt. Read the rest of entry »

Declining Quality of Built Up Roofing

While the evolution of the Single Ply roof systems continued to improve their quality the oil industry was making advances in the refining of petroleum so that the asphalt that was being used in roofing products began an accelerated decline in quality.
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Is it time for a new Flat Roof?

If you follow these nine steps, you will dramatically increase the odds of hiring a quality contractor and experiencing a problem-free job. Read the rest of entry »

Safer flat roofing has less environmental impact

By utilizing a self-adhesive flat roof system, building owners and occupants can enjoy the same long term water-tight integrity of traditional flat roof systems without the disruption and inconvenience often associated with roof installation. Read the rest of entry »
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