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Commercial Roof

Flat Roof Maintenance- Dos & Don'ts

Roof maintenance is important. Follow these guidelines to protect your building.

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When to Inspect Your Roof

Springtime is a good time to inspect your commercial roof for damage from the severe winter weather that Long Island endured.

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Fully Adhered Flat Roof

Find out the benefits of a fully adhered roof system.

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Repairing Winter Roof Damage

With each passing snow storm, Long Island roofs are cleared to reveal more and more damage.

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Low VOC Roof Adhesives

Roofing system adhesives are changing.

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Oversize Skylights

Roof Services recently replaced a 46 foot long commercial skylight that was custom manufactured.

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Commercial Skylight Replacement

The benefit of replacing an aging commercial skylight are numerous.

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Protecting a Flat Roof

The vast majority of commercial flat roofing utilizes an insulation board called polyisocyanurate. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Snow Removal on Long Island

If your roof is covered by snow that's over a foot deep it may be necessary to remove the snow. Read the rest of entry »

Mitigating Roof Leak Damage

While repairing the roof or other defective exterior building envelope component to eliminate a leak at its source is always the best course of action, sometimes cost or logistics dictate that another course be taken. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Adhesives

Beginning during certain periods of 2012 and all year from 2013 on, New York State and other states within the north east have required a change over from the standard solvent based adhesives that were previously utilized for single ply roof adhesion to low VOC adhesives and primers. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Duct Wrapping

Wrap your roof ducts to save energy- read more....

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Roof Repairs Gone Wrong

Where a roof system has been installed poorly, it’s important to consider the type of roof assembly and make proper repairs with compatible materials, otherwise, the repairs could end up causing more damage. Read the rest of entry »

Black versus White Roof

There is a movement among commercial roofs towards white reflective membranes rather than black absorptive membranes. 
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FleeceBACK EPDM Membrane Roof

Doug Plotke of Roof Services in Deer Park, New York explains the advantages of using Carlisle Syntec Systems FleeceBACK EPDM membrane roof systems on commercial roofs in Long Island.

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Roof Failures

Though the discovery of a catastrophic roof failure is usually not the diagnosis building owners are expecting, it is important to understand that the specific deficiencies which cause catastrophic failure can only be addressed by replacing the roof and that in these situations preceding with a scope of limited repair rather than roof replacement will only allow the leaks to continue until such time as the roof is replaced. Read the rest of entry »

Petroleum on EPDM roofs

About once a month I come across an EPDM or TPO roof system which was contaminated with roof cement or oil. This is a real problem that needs to be avoided otherwise a roof leak will occur.

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Emergency Roof Repair

When responding to a catastrophic roof failure, it is important to mobilize immediately to secure the area and provide temporary watertight protection then follow-up with a properly designed roof assembly that will provide long term watertight performance and resistance to blow-off in the future. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Foam Failure

During super storm Sandy, the wind was so strong that it pulled the facer from the roof's foam insulation while the balance of the insulation stayed adhered to the roof deck. Read the rest of entry »

Thermal Bridging of Roof Fasteners

Find out about "thermal bridging". What it is and why it happens. Read the rest of entry »

Proper Roof Penetration Clearance

In order to flash rooftop penetrations properly, it requires the coordination of the roofer and the mechanical contractor (or other trades using penetrations). Even before the roof flashings are installed the trades need to work together to find a penetration location that is appropriate for both the functioning of the penetration and the watertight integrity of the flashings. Read the rest of entry »

EPDM Roof Remediation

An EPDM roof system can be rejuvenated by the installation of a pressure sensitive EPDM cover tape installed on field seams and if combined with the re-flashing of roof penetrations can provide as much as 10 years of additional life without having to install a new roof. Read the rest of entry »

Ridge Fire District

The staff of Roof Services would like to extend our thanks to all the volunteer fire departments on Long Island for their dedication to the community in fighting the resent forest fires. You folks are true heros. Read the rest of entry »
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