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Category: Roof Damage

Roof Damage

Standing Water on a Roof

Don't let water stand on a roof or it may damage the building.

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Preparing for a Storm

Nine months after Hurricane Sandy left its wake of destruction on the south shore as well as the rest of Long Island, Home and building owners are still reeling from the damage. Many have not been made whole financially or otherwise. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Failures

Though the discovery of a catastrophic roof failure is usually not the diagnosis building owners are expecting, it is important to understand that the specific deficiencies which cause catastrophic failure can only be addressed by replacing the roof and that in these situations preceding with a scope of limited repair rather than roof replacement will only allow the leaks to continue until such time as the roof is replaced. Read the rest of entry »

Snow Loading on Roof

Picture shows a catastrophic roof collapse on a pre-engineered building on the north shore of Nassau County which collapsed due to snow loads. Read the rest of entry »

Prepare the Roof for Hurricane Winds

Whenever you are on the roof, be sure to check and make sure that mechanical access doors are properly attached so that they don’t allow water to pour into the building, cause damage to the roof, or even worse, blow off the building and cause harm to a person or personal property. Read the rest of entry »
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