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Category: Sustainable Roofing

Sustainable Roofing

Clay Tile Roofing

The pros and cons of "Spanish Tile" roofing.

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Roof Garden Waterproofing

Recently Dyami from Roof Services toured a green roof installation in Queens, NY that had all of tour participants enthusiastic and excited about seeing what could be done in terms of growing plants on a rooftop. While we were impressed by the plant growth as anyone else, my first thought was to the lack of consideration provided to the roof’s waterproofing functionality. Read the rest of entry »

Green Roof Energy Efficiency

The first tenant of green roofing is “Increasing Energy Efficiency”.  On the surface this is easy to understand. If you add more roof insulation to a new roof assembly than you had in the previous assembly, such that you keep the cold out in the winter and the cooled air in during the summer, then you have made your building through the installation of a new roof system more green. Read the rest of entry »

What does Green in Green Roofing Mean?

We have seen a wide variation of “Green” improvements and the benefits ranging from almost nothing to the very substantial. You need to be careful because you might think that you are installing a green roof when you are in actuality getting very little green benefit. In order for a roofing assembly to truly be “Green” it follows one or all of these three basic tenants. Read the rest of entry »

Long Island Green Roof Alliance

The mission of the Green Roof Alliance is to promote awareness and opportunities in the green roof industry as well as being a resource to building owners and design firms for green roofing. The organization was formed in early 2010 with the objective to identify green roofing projects and promote them to the public. In addition to educating the public the Alliance wanted to develop into a “hands on” resource for the green roof industry. Read the rest of entry »
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