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solar energy roof

Solar Roof Systems

Solar roof shingles are starting to become a realistic option for homeowners. Read the rest of entry »

Solar Roof Shingles

Dow Solar is the first manufacturer of solar roof shingles to understand the principles of water shedding and proper underlayment that asphalt shingles rely on. Read the rest of entry »

The Life of an Overburdened Roof

A new roof assembly should be designed to outlast the proposed overburden and the roof installed before it is covered by the overburden. Read the rest of entry »

Roofing and Solar Panels

Ideally, a solar contractor and a roofing contractor should perform installations together and have a relationship that gives the owner what they are looking for, a solar panel installation with a sound roof, warrantied by the roofing manufacturer and the contractors. Read the rest of entry »

Green Logic Solar Energy Alliance

Roof Services is pro-active in seeking out and building relationships with other companies that we believe can be mutually beneficial to our clients. About 2 years ago we began a relationship with Green Logic Energy, a solar energy company serving the same general area which includes Long Island and the New York City metropolitan area. Read the rest of entry »
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