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Solar Tube Skylights

This new product can provide natural light where traditional skylights or windows simply cannot. Read the rest of entry »

Oversize Skylights

Roof Services recently replaced a 46 foot long commercial skylight that was custom manufactured.

Read the rest of entry »

Fixing Skylight Leaks

There are several reasons that a skylight could leak. The unit could be damaged either by the flashings or the hatch. The flashings could be improperly tied into the shingles. The improper style of unit could be installed in a given application. Read the rest of entry »

Fixing Skylight Leaks in NYC

Traditional glass pane and wire frame skylights are very popular on NYC roofs and often leak as they age. Read the rest of entry »

About Skylights

If a homeowner picks the wrong roofing contractor to install a skylight, they may regret the decision to buy the skylight altogether. If you plan on having someone install the skylight for you, you will need to discuss the following items Read the rest of entry »
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