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Shingle Roof

Care of a Cedar Roof

Find our how to care for a cedar shingle roof.

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How to Nail a Roof Shingle

Proper roof shingle nailing techniques are often overlooked

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Roof Damage on Long Island

Unfortunately if you have a traditional asphalt roof making it through the winter with no leaks does not necessarily mean the roof is in good condition.
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Common Roof Leaks- Valley

There are three acceptable ways to install a valley according to the NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association Handbook. Read the rest of entry »

Common Roof Leaks- Ridge Caps

When there are leaks at the ridge of the roof it is often because the ridge is not installed correctly or shingles are missing. Read the rest of entry »

Shingle Roof Color Matching

When making a shingle roof repair in Oyster Bay, NY we were dealing with an aged charcoal color shingle. Unfortunately as it became lighter overtime, new shingles of the same color no longer match the roof.

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After the New Roof

When a roof replacement is performed there are important steps which are crucial to a satisfactory job. Read the rest of entry »

Black Stains on My Roof

How Should My Roof Stains Be Cleaned? Typical roof cleaning methods involve chemicals solutions containing Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Hydroxide. Read the rest of entry »

Leaking Roof Shingles

Roof Services conducted a water test on a home in Syosset, NY in order to determine the point of water entry relating to a leak which showed up along the eave. Read the rest of entry »

How to Safe Off a Shingle Roof

How to safe off a shingle roof in NY. Read the rest of entry »

Choosing a Roof Shingle

So how do you choose a roofing shingle? I think there are three factors you should take into account. Read the rest of entry »

Video, Replacing a Shingle Roof

Roof Services was recently selected by Taunton Press, the parent company of Fine Home Building, to work with the Fine Home Building staff in the making of a video describing the process of removing an old asphalt roof shingle roof and replacing it with a new one. Read the rest of entry »

About Asphalt Roofing Shingles

These new shingles were designed to be more attractive. This was accomplished by building the shingles in layers with exposed edges to give the shingle the appearance of depth. Another result to this construction design was to make the architectural shingle much heavier that three tab shingles.

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Controlling Black Streaking on a Roof

Have you noticed that some asphalt shingle roofs in the northeast have black streaking on them? Some roofs have just a little bit and others have what seems like the entire roof covered with this ugly mess. There appears to be other patterns which I assume helped in finding the solution. Many roofs have the streaking on either side of a roof penetration but not below it. Read the rest of entry »

When is it Time for New Roof Shingles?

When do I need to replace my shingle roof? The most obvious sign that your house needs a new roof is the appearance of roof leaks. As the roof ages it will become less effective at doing its job of keeping your home watertight. Read the rest of entry »
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