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Roofing Repairs

When to Inspect Your Roof

Springtime is a good time to inspect your commercial roof for damage from the severe winter weather that Long Island endured.

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Leaky Skylights

Skylights leak, any roofing professional knows sooner or later, gaskets, sealants or flashings fail and skylights can be a constant source of issues.

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Roof Repairs Gone Wrong

Where a roof system has been installed poorly, it’s important to consider the type of roof assembly and make proper repairs with compatible materials, otherwise, the repairs could end up causing more damage. Read the rest of entry »

Roofs Leak When They Freeze

When a NY roof is exposed to thermal cycling (I.E. freezing then thawing) the roof material can crack and begin to leak.

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Roof Deck Repairs

Roof Services recently received a call from a local architect about a problem at the Ridge Fire District Headquarters building.

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Hire a Roofing Contractor

Not all NY roof repair companies are the same.

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Glue or Screw the Roof Deck?

With the advent of steel decks, roofers have been screwing down new roofs with an ever increasing number of screws. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Services Storm Response

In recognition of the work Roof Services did, Maria McCarthy, the Business Manager of The Parish of St. Patrick, was kind enough to send us a warm thank you note. Read the rest of entry »

Common Roof Leaks

The flashings detail that keeps plumbing pipe penetrations through the roof water proof is a plumbing vent pipe flange. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Warranty

Roof system manufacturer warranties come with many subtle nuances, but typically they fall into two (2) types: a material warranty or a Full System (also called no dollar limit) warranty. Read the rest of entry »

Emergency Roof Repair

When responding to a catastrophic roof failure, it is important to mobilize immediately to secure the area and provide temporary watertight protection then follow-up with a properly designed roof assembly that will provide long term watertight performance and resistance to blow-off in the future. Read the rest of entry »

Choosing a Roof Counter Flashing

By matching the roof flashing to the wall type, conditions and project budget, Roof Services is able to provide their customers with the best value for keeping water out between the critical roof-to-wall joints. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Due to recent storms that damaged roofs on Long Island in New York it is critical for home owners understand the best ways to interact with their insurance company and claims adjuster. Read the rest of entry »

How to Install Roof Trim

Too often the roof trim is put on to meet the homeowner’s aesthetic expectations while completely neglecting the watertight functionality. Read the rest of entry »

Lifting Roof Fasteners

Did you know that what often appears to be lifting fasteners within the roof assembly is actually more commonly an indication of a larger more underlying problem? Read the rest of entry »

Finding Roof Leaks

Roof Services professional roofers find the majority of roof leaks relatively easily. However, even with decades of experience, some roof leaks will require much more than a visual examination to determine the point of water entry. Read the rest of entry »

Causes of Roof Failure in Hurricane Winds

Over decades of roof work on Long Island, Roof Services has often encountered roofs which were poorly attached or even unattached in the field and yet remained on the building due to the attachment along the perimeter edge Read the rest of entry »

Fluid Applied Waterproof Membrane

Fluid applied waterproofing, though relatively expensive when compared with modified asphalt, can be installed in extremely tight and restricted conditions such as the less than 12” wide alley. Read the rest of entry »

How to bend Copper Chimney Flashing

Roofing project manager Dyami Plotke demonstrates how to fabricate complex pieces of flashing and describes the various pieces needed to make a chimney-to-roof connection watertight. Read the rest of entry »

How Long Will My Roof Repair Last?

On standard asphalt roofs repairs can range from a topical application of roof cement to a comprehensive disassembly and rebuilding of the entire roof system. Read the rest of entry »

Hidden Damage on Roofing Job

It is important to remember that due to building construction the quantity of water from a roof leak, visible inside of the building at the leak location may not be the same as the quantity of water which truly enters into the building. Read the rest of entry »

Find a Flat Roof Leak

How to find a leak on a flat roof in New York. Includes a video by Roof Services, a Long Island Roofing Contractor located in Suffolk County, NY. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Repairs Needed after Hurricane Irene

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, Long Islanders are finding that their homes and businesses are in need of repairs to the roof. Roof Services, a long island roofer is prepared to respond to emergency roof repair requests anywhere on Long Island and the surrounding areas. Read the rest of entry »

About Gutters and Leaders

Gutters and leaders perform a vital function as part of a building’s waterproofing system. As water moves across the slope of a roof area it gains velocity and may enter your home which is an unpleasant experience. Through the use of a correctly designed gutter & leader system you are able to direct this water into an area where it will stay away from the exterior walls and the foundation of your home and not cause leaks during heavy rains. Read the rest of entry »

Repair or Replace My Roof?

There are many ways to establish the criteria of whether or not you should repair or replace your roof. Read the rest of entry »
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