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Roofing News

Long Island Roofing Contractor Safety Training

Failure of a Long Island Roofing Contractor to follow OSHA safety regulations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Moisture Scanning

Covering saturated roofing with a new roof is like burring cancer. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Services LI receives GAF President's Award

GAF recently presented the GAF President's Award to Doug Plotke of Roof Services on Long Island. 

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High Cost of Contractors Insurance

Most people think that if you have a clean claim history your insurance premiums will not skyrocket. Well its time to think again. Read the rest of entry »

5 Reasons to Replace a Roof in Winter

Replacing a roof in winter is not a bad idea. People are often surprised when I tell them that we install roofs throughout the winter. Of course it's best to replace your roof when ever it's necessary.

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Roof Ridge Venting

New ridge venting system from Metal-Era.

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Church Roof in Huntington NY

Roof Services is repairing the roof leaks are a Church in Huntington, NY.

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T-Lock Roof Shingles

When architectural shingles came into being, the use of T-lock roofing shingles lessened greatly to the point that it was no longer cost effective to manufacture them. Read the rest of entry »

Long Island Wind Risks

Factory Mutual (an insurance group which develops many of the roof design standards) has made all of long Island a high risk area not just the shoreline. With the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy added to the mix there does not appear to be any end in sight to increasing wind performance criteria.
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Hurricane Roof Tarping

Putting a tarp on a roof that has several different roof planes can be a problem. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Inspections and Survey

Roof Services performs roof inspections in Long Island (examples; Islandia, NY and Oceanside, NY) the five (5) boroughs (Staten Island and the Bronx) Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey. Read the rest of entry »

NYC Roof Terrace Design

Roof Services to build a roof terrace in NYC. Read the rest of entry »

NY State Building Codes- Roofing Specifications

Based upon the current NEW YORK STATE BUILDING CODES there are several conditions which must be addressed prior to finalizing the roofing specifications which will be used on a building in the state of New York.
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Hi-Tech Roof on Long Island

Roof Services working in conjunction with Carlisle Syntax roof systems installed a cutting edge super reflective roof system with one of the most efficient insulation systems on any building on long island. Read the rest of entry »

Ridge Fire District

The staff of Roof Services would like to extend our thanks to all the volunteer fire departments on Long Island for their dedication to the community in fighting the resent forest fires. You folks are true heros. Read the rest of entry »

Green Roofing. Long Island

2011 saw Long Island’s first retail shopping center built which received a L.E.E.D.’s Silver certification and the roof system was installed by Roof Services, Long Island's Green Roofing Contractor. Read the rest of entry »

When Should I Replace My Roof?

The most economical time of the year to contract a roof job is typically during the summer Read the rest of entry »

About Asphalt Roofing Shingles

These new shingles were designed to be more attractive. This was accomplished by building the shingles in layers with exposed edges to give the shingle the appearance of depth. Another result to this construction design was to make the architectural shingle much heavier that three tab shingles.

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Recycling Roofing Materials

The roofing industry with the rest of the construction world is only starting to implement procedures for material separation at the job site so they can be recycled. In most cases all of the roofing debris was placed into a single dumpster and put in a landfill. Read the rest of entry »

Declining Quality of Built Up Roofing

While the evolution of the Single Ply roof systems continued to improve their quality the oil industry was making advances in the refining of petroleum so that the asphalt that was being used in roofing products began an accelerated decline in quality.
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