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Category: Roof Testing

Roof Testing

Roof Inspections and Survey

Roof Services performs roof inspections in Long Island (examples; Islandia, NY and Oceanside, NY) the five (5) boroughs (Staten Island and the Bronx) Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey. Read the rest of entry »

Finding Roof Leaks with Vector Mapping

This new technology for finding roof leaks proved to be remarkably effective and it saved the contractor a great deal of time and money because it eliminated the need to remove the entire plant system and then doing repairs on questionable areas which may or may not have been the source of the leak. This process clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of Vector Mapping and will provide a solution for hard to find leaks in the future. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Leaks Testing

While visible and physical examination of a leaking roof make up the first line of leak investigation and are often successful, sometimes additional roof leak testing is needed to determine the exact cause of the roof leak. Read the rest of entry »
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