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Category: Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Guide to Basic Roof Maintenance

With the end of winter approaching it is necessary to perform some basic roof maintenance to ensure that the roof and gutter system is in order for the year.

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Roof Gutters

Checking your gutters every year is a good maintenance practice.

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Guide to Home Roof Care

Time to check your home's roof for damage from the winter weather.

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Flat Roof Maintenance- Dos & Don'ts

Roof maintenance is important. Follow these guidelines to protect your building.

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The Wrong Way to Remove Roof Snow

If you need snow & ice safely removed from your roof please contact Roof Services, a professional roofing contractor that will do the job safely and without damage to your building.

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What to Do About Ice Dams

What can you do if you get an ice dam and the winter is not over yet??

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Roof Damage on Long Island

Unfortunately if you have a traditional asphalt roof making it through the winter with no leaks does not necessarily mean the roof is in good condition.
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Proper Eave Venting

Proper venting is essential to a roof system.

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HVAC Roof Units

A roofing professional should be onsite anytime a new HVAC unit is installed to ensure that the unit is secure so it can’t move, and that all curbs, flashings and sealants are correctly installed. Read the rest of entry »

RILEM Roof Testing

RILEM testing was developed by the International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures as a means of measuring the volume of water absorbed by a masonry surface over a specific time period.
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Spring Home Checkup List

Long Island, New York had a very mild winter. Now that spring is here and we all collectively come outside, wipe our eyes, stretch and look at our houses to see what we need to do to get the house ready for warm summer months ahead. Read the rest of entry »

About Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance can be a costly expense but those costs will almost always eliminate far greater expenses in the future. Avoiding the interior damage, the safety hazards of a wet floor within your building where accidents can happen and the cost to clean up roof leaks can be greater than the annual cost of the maintenance program itself Read the rest of entry »

Watertight Garden Roof

Dyami Plotke is the Repair & Maintenance Division Manager for Roof Services, Inc. a Long Island based roofing company with considerable experience installing roof membrane systems under green roofs. Read the rest of entry »

Controlling Black Streaking on a Roof

Have you noticed that some asphalt shingle roofs in the northeast have black streaking on them? Some roofs have just a little bit and others have what seems like the entire roof covered with this ugly mess. There appears to be other patterns which I assume helped in finding the solution. Many roofs have the streaking on either side of a roof penetration but not below it. Read the rest of entry »
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