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Commercial Skylight Replacement

The benefit of replacing an aging commercial skylight are numerous.

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Protecting a Flat Roof

The vast majority of commercial flat roofing utilizes an insulation board called polyisocyanurate. Read the rest of entry »

Roof Top Supports

The vast majority of commercial flat roofs have some type of roof top equipment resting directly on them.

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Roofs Leak When They Freeze

When a NY roof is exposed to thermal cycling (I.E. freezing then thawing) the roof material can crack and begin to leak.

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Hire a Roofing Contractor

Not all NY roof repair companies are the same.

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Contractor Insurance

IF your roofing contractors company name does not include the word roof you have a right to be concerned enough to make sure that their insurance company has not excluded roofing from their coverage. Read the rest of entry »

Fire Safety for Roofers

Roof Services recently sent nearly half of our crew to a training class on the safe use of propane torches so they could be certified by the Fire Department of the City of New York. Read the rest of entry »

NY State Building Codes- Roofing Specifications

Based upon the current NEW YORK STATE BUILDING CODES there are several conditions which must be addressed prior to finalizing the roofing specifications which will be used on a building in the state of New York.
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Cone Shaped Turret Roof

Cone roofs are especially difficult to roof for a number of reasons. The first reason is that they are very difficult to get close hands on access. By this we mean that getting up to and onto the roof to work is often problematic. On this project we have installed pipe scaffolding as well as additional staging to allow us a work platform around the perimeter of the cone. Because of the limited access at grade around this turret scaffolding is the better option to gain access versus a man lift.
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