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Roof Services in Deer Park, NY

Roof Services 4 Star Review.

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Church Roof in Huntington NY

Roof Services is repairing the roof leaks are a Church in Huntington, NY.

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Roof Services Long Island

Kind words from a Roof Services customer in St. James, New York

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T-Lock Roof Shingles

When architectural shingles came into being, the use of T-lock roofing shingles lessened greatly to the point that it was no longer cost effective to manufacture them.

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Find a Flat Roof Leak

How to find a leak on a flat roof in New York. Includes a video by Roof Services, a Long Island Roofing Contractor located in Suffolk County, NY.

Video, Replacing a Shingle Roof

Roof Services was recently selected by Taunton Press, the parent company of Fine Home Building, to work with the Fine Home Building staff in the making of a video describing the process of removing an old asphalt roof shingle roof and replacing it with a ...

Roofing Apprenticeship Program

In October of this year, Roof Services Apprenticeship Program was been approved by the New York State Department of Labor.

Safer flat roofing has less environmental impact

By utilizing a self-adhesive flat roof system, building owners and occupants can enjoy the same long term water-tight integrity of traditional flat roof systems without the disruption and inconvenience often associated with roof installation.

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