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Waterproofing with Liquid Flashing

There were two recent Long Island Waterproofing projects that presented waterproofing challenges that the Roof Services team was able to resolve using a liquid flashing material.

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Are There Puddles on Your Roof?

If you have standing water issues on your flat roof, please call Roof Services Long Island and we'll be happy to help you come up with a solution.

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Roofs Leak When They Freeze

When a NY roof is exposed to thermal cycling (I.E. freezing then thawing) the roof material can crack and begin to leak.

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Petroleum on EPDM roofs

About once a month I come across an EPDM or TPO roof system which was contaminated with roof cement or oil. This is a real problem that needs to be avoided otherwise a roof leak will occur.

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Fixing Skylight Leaks

There are several reasons that a skylight could leak. The unit could be damaged either by the flashings or the hatch. The flashings could be improperly tied into the shingles. The improper style of unit could be installed in a given application.

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Common Roof Leaks

The flashings detail that keeps plumbing pipe penetrations through the roof water proof is a plumbing vent pipe flange.

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Proper Roof Penetration Clearance

In order to flash rooftop penetrations properly, it requires the coordination of the roofer and the mechanical contractor (or other trades using penetrations). Even before the roof flashings are installed the trades need to work together to find a penetra...

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Finding Roof Leaks

Roof Services professional roofers find the majority of roof leaks relatively easily. However, even with decades of experience, some roof leaks will require much more than a visual examination to determine the point of water entry.

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Fluid Applied Waterproof Membrane

Fluid applied waterproofing, though relatively expensive when compared with modified asphalt, can be installed in extremely tight and restricted conditions such as the less than 12” wide alley.

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Finding Roof Leaks with Vector Mapping

This new technology for finding roof leaks proved to be remarkably effective and it saved the contractor a great deal of time and money because it eliminated the need to remove the entire plant system and then doing repairs on questionable areas which may...

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Roof Repairs Needed after Hurricane Irene

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, Long Islanders are finding that their homes and businesses are in need of repairs to the roof. Roof Services, a long island roofer is prepared to respond to emergency roof repair requests anywhere on Long Island and the sur...

About Gutters and Leaders

Gutters and leaders perform a vital function as part of a building’s waterproofing system. As water moves across the slope of a roof area it gains velocity and may enter your home which is an unpleasant experience. Through the use of a correctly des...

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