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Leaking Roof Shingles

Roof Services conducted a water test on a home in Syosset, NY in order to determine the point of water entry relating to a leak which showed up along the eave.

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Emergency Roof Repair

When responding to a catastrophic roof failure, it is important to mobilize immediately to secure the area and provide temporary watertight protection then follow-up with a properly designed roof assembly that will provide long term watertight performance...

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Lifting Roof Fasteners

Did you know that what often appears to be lifting fasteners within the roof assembly is actually more commonly an indication of a larger more underlying problem?

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Find a Flat Roof Leak

How to find a leak on a flat roof in New York. Includes a video by Roof Services, a Long Island Roofing Contractor located in Suffolk County, NY.

Roof Leaks Testing

While visible and physical examination of a leaking roof make up the first line of leak investigation and are often successful, sometimes additional roof leak testing is needed to determine the exact cause of the roof leak.

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