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Guide to Home Roof Care

Time to check your home's roof for damage from the winter weather.

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The Wrong Way to Remove Roof Snow

If you need snow & ice safely removed from your roof please contact Roof Services, a professional roofing contractor that will do the job safely and without damage to your building.

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Roof Damage on Long Island

Unfortunately if you have a traditional asphalt roof making it through the winter with no leaks does not necessarily mean the roof is in good condition.

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HVAC Roof Units

A roofing professional should be onsite anytime a new HVAC unit is installed to ensure that the unit is secure so it can’t move, and that all curbs, flashings and sealants are correctly installed.

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Roof Failures

Though the discovery of a catastrophic roof failure is usually not the diagnosis building owners are expecting, it is important to understand that the specific deficiencies which cause catastrophic failure can only be addressed by replacing the roof and t...

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Prepare the Roof for Hurricane Winds

Whenever you are on the roof, be sure to check and make sure that mechanical access doors are properly attached so that they don’t allow water to pour into the building, cause damage to the roof, or even worse, blow off the building and cause harm t...

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Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Due to recent storms that damaged roofs on Long Island in New York it is critical for home owners understand the best ways to interact with their insurance company and claims adjuster.

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Causes of Roof Failure in Hurricane Winds

Over decades of roof work on Long Island, Roof Services has often encountered roofs which were poorly attached or even unattached in the field and yet remained on the building due to the attachment along the perimeter edge

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Hidden Damage on Roofing Job

It is important to remember that due to building construction the quantity of water from a roof leak, visible inside of the building at the leak location may not be the same as the quantity of water which truly enters into the building.

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