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T-Lock Roof Shingles

When architectural shingles came into being, the use of T-lock roofing shingles lessened greatly to the point that it was no longer cost effective to manufacture them.

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Roof Inspections and Survey

Roof Services performs roof inspections in Long Island (examples; Islandia, NY and Oceanside, NY) the five (5) boroughs (Staten Island and the Bronx) Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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Roof Garden Waterproofing

Recently Dyami from Roof Services toured a green roof installation in Queens, NY that had all of tour participants enthusiastic and excited about seeing what could be done in terms of growing plants on a rooftop. While we were impressed by the plant growt...

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About Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the two naturally occurring roofing materials currently used today. Along with being one of the oldest roofing materials in existence Slate is arguably the longest lasting roofing material on the market. It often has a serviceable life of...

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NY State Building Codes- Roofing Specifications

Based upon the current NEW YORK STATE BUILDING CODES there are several conditions which must be addressed prior to finalizing the roofing specifications which will be used on a building in the state of New York.

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The Life of an Overburdened Roof

A new roof assembly should be designed to outlast the proposed overburden and the roof installed before it is covered by the overburden.

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Choosing a Roof Shingle

So how do you choose a roofing shingle? I think there are three factors you should take into account.

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Why Get Roofing Quotes?

 You are about to spend several thousand dollars on a project that should last you 30 years it is worth the effort to get three written quotes. There are several very important reasons why you need to go through the effort of getting written quotes.

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Why Hire a Roof Consultant

If you are looking for advice about roofing problems on Long Island and are getting mixed advice from contractors, get a 3rd party opinion and hire a roof consultant. You'll be glad you did!

Roof Leaks Testing

While visible and physical examination of a leaking roof make up the first line of leak investigation and are often successful, sometimes additional roof leak testing is needed to determine the exact cause of the roof leak.

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Repair or Replace My Roof?

There are many ways to establish the criteria of whether or not you should repair or replace your roof.

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Protection Against Roof Ice Damning

When a storm leaves several inches of snow on a roof the potential for roof leaks due to ice damning becomes a real possibility. After a storm the freeze / thaw cycle will have snow melting during the day and freezing at night. This phenomenon will crea...

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Is it time for a new Flat Roof?

If you follow these nine steps, you will dramatically increase the odds of hiring a quality contractor and experiencing a problem-free job.

How Does Rain Get Into My House?

The roof system is the most invisible component of the building envelope. Its primary function is to keep water out of the building. While most other building envelope components have other primary functions, every component must be watertight in ord...

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Safer flat roofing has less environmental impact

By utilizing a self-adhesive flat roof system, building owners and occupants can enjoy the same long term water-tight integrity of traditional flat roof systems without the disruption and inconvenience often associated with roof installation.

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