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Rooftop Urban Agriculture

 Roof Services is proud to be an active member in the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities organization and advance the growth of green roofs throughout the New York City metro area while always remembering that the primary function of the roof must be its...

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Green Roofing. Long Island

2011 saw Long Island’s first retail shopping center built which received a L.E.E.D.’s Silver certification and the roof system was installed by Roof Services, Long Island's Green Roofing Contractor.

What does Green in Green Roofing Mean?

We have seen a wide variation of “Green” improvements and the benefits ranging from almost nothing to the very substantial. You need to be careful because you might think that you are installing a green roof when you are in actuality getting v...

Long Island Green Roof Alliance

The mission of the Green Roof Alliance is to promote awareness and opportunities in the green roof industry as well as being a resource to building owners and design firms for green roofing. The organization was formed in early 2010 with the objective to ...

Environmentally friendly roofing

If your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced why not replace it with an environmentally friendly roof. There are numerous choices available in green roofing.

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