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Improving Our Environment

In roofing systems there are several things that can accomplish that goal. They are reflective membranes, energy creation through solar panels, improved thermal performance and the elimination of toxins with garden roofing. All of these applications ...

Recycling Roofing Materials

The roofing industry with the rest of the construction world is only starting to implement procedures for material separation at the job site so they can be recycled. In most cases all of the roofing debris was placed into a single dumpster and put in a l...

What does Green in Green Roofing Mean?

We have seen a wide variation of “Green” improvements and the benefits ranging from almost nothing to the very substantial. You need to be careful because you might think that you are installing a green roof when you are in actuality getting v...

Safer flat roofing has less environmental impact

By utilizing a self-adhesive flat roof system, building owners and occupants can enjoy the same long term water-tight integrity of traditional flat roof systems without the disruption and inconvenience often associated with roof installation.

Environmentally friendly roofing

If your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced why not replace it with an environmentally friendly roof. There are numerous choices available in green roofing.

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